Saturday, November 19, 2011

Have a go at scuba diving at Cape Panwa

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon Sea Bees, a certified diving school and centre, comes to Cape Panwa to give our guests the opportunity to put on oxygen tanks and frog legs and ‘have a go’ in the main pool. 

For some of our guests, this "all-geared up" intro in our pool is enough to hook them, while others walk away after trying it, thinking that whoever thought of scuba diving is crazy.  I know that Tim falls into the second lot and now ‘attempts’ to play golf instead. Ask him if he wants to play you, you are guaranteed to win…

When Sea Bees visited us last week, we requested they update us with the latest information about their diving options because, here at Cape Panwa, we like to ensure that our staff are knowledgeable about all the activities that we provide for our guests, be it batik painting, the Coral Island trip, napkin folding, Thai cooking or what have you. 

Jean Marie at Loy Krathong
So if you develop a passion for scuba diving whilst visiting us, don't hesitate to ask our staff any questions you may have - they'll help ensure that you make the most out of your vacation. Jean Marie (our Food and Beverage Manager), told us that he was going to have a go at the sport but I'm not sure he will...

I can't swim so I don't count but would you like to take a plunge?


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