Monday, March 19, 2018

Monks in Lumpini Park

Songkran is a time for family reunions, visits to temples and spring housecleaning – and the celebration of the traditional Thai New Year and lasts several days.

During the festival, revellers participate in traditional water pouring, which varies from a gentle pour into the cupped hands, to a full body splash! The symbolism of the water is important because it represents the cleansing of all the misfortunes in the previous year and a new beginning for the New Year.

There are many images of Songkran and in Lumpini Park recently there were some monks from the E-Sarn province to mark the coming of the Songkran Festival.

But here there was no water throwing - monks were there talking to local people about the on coming celebrations.

Some of the people came in traditional Thai dress and then they offered sticky rice to the monks.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bangkok - the Red Cross Snake Farm

Each week we post a link (or two) to an article in Bangkok 101 - and this week we point you to an article about the Red Cross Snake Farm.
The building was opened in 1913 and was known as the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute. following this the Royal Family became involved because the daughter of a Prince in Thailand died from rabies – the king supported a government institution researching into creating a vaccine for rabies and venomous snake study.
In 1917 it became the Pasteur Institute and the Red Cross Society taking over the administrative duties.  Following the death of Queen Saovabha the King built a permanent memory to her and for it to be used for research in the field of research into medical science….
And today it does the same thing - The closest BTS is Sala Daeng.
It is certainly worth visiting if you are in Bangkok and have an interest in this sort of thing – for more information please click here.



Thursday, March 8, 2018

BKK 101 - Historic Hua Hin

Each week we post a link to an article in Bangkok 101 - This article focuses on the Historic Hua Hin and of the places that you could visit -

Arriving by train from Bangkok you will stop at the much-photographed Royal Waiting Room by the side of the tracks - The Royal Waiting Room - - location:

Then there is the Klai Kangwon Royal Palace, a Spanish influenced summer palace built in 1933 – which translates as ‘far from worry’.

Take a trip out to the Mrigadayavan Palace to see the exquisite buildings made by King Rama VI which also feature a long covered walkway to the beach – location:

And stay with us at #CapeNidhraHotel -

Waiting Room photo courtesy of #Instagram and justin.cassel