Monday, April 12, 2010

Three Weddings in one Week

What a week of celebrating love here – we have had three weddings this week! They have all been very special and we enjoyed every single one.
Jojo and Alex were the first couple to tie the knot on Monday and wow, what a spectacle it was.

The guests patiently waited on the beach for the bride and her entourage of bridesmaids and flower girls to emerge from Panwa House.  The music started and Jojo breezed out to gasps of astonishment.

The ceremony was beautiful and poetry was read by the family.  The bride and groom kissed to cheers from their guests, butterflies were released and the happy couple walked along the beach where they were met by an elephant! During the evening we had dinner, fireworks, drinks and dancing. Absolutely beautiful.

Tom and Naomi were next, with a short renewal of vows and declarations of love – their girls were excited and mum glowed like an angel – the ambience was beautiful. The girls wore matching dresses and the boys wore white while the monks’ chanting was (as always) a joy to hear.  The love within this family was plain for all to see.
Then it was Emily and Gary’s turn.  Their ceremony was held next to the Banyan tree next to Panwa House, surrounded by friends and family for their special celebration.

It was a beautiful and very colourful day – we had cocktails and then a private dinner followed by dancing in front of Panwa House.

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