Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cape Panwa goes active with Kiteboarding

We normally write about the guests of the hotel relaxing under gently wafting coconut palm fronds and watching the surf calmly breaking along the peaceful beach.

But last weekend the gloves came off… and it wasn’t a Muay Thai boxing fight organised by our very own local Muay Thai trainer!

We’ve witnessed some pretty strange things that people pack at home to bring for us – from marmalade (for Tim) and Celebration Chocolates (for Pavinee) as well as football shirts for the staff (much appreciated by the way) – but we had never seen anything like this before.

A repeat guest brought with him something very different this time – a very large bright orange kite, which made us wonder if he was asked to unpack it at customs. That would have been messy!

On Sunday he unfurled his kite on the beach and was promptly yanked up into the air by the monsoon breezes whilst he was still on his (small) surfboard – he then entertained us all, sitting on the beach, with somersaults and a variety of clever twists and turns.

Wonderful to watch, I must admit, and I must add that we do not (yet) have this equipment here but I would love to watch him again – a big ‘thank you’ from Tim and all the guests on the beach for a great show.

Kiteboarding at Cape Panwa 

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