Sunday, April 17, 2011

Songkran with Cape Panwa

The Songkran Water Festival/Thai New Year, is referred to as the ‘Worlds greatest Water Fight’ and if you choose to walk down the street this week – or visit the beach you will quickly know why!

Water is the focus of the Thai New Year because of the irreplaceable role it plays in agriculture.

Songkran’s origins lie in ancient astrology and in the position of the sun – which explains why it is celebrated on slightly different dates each year – any excuse for a longer party!

Tim enjoyed taking guests to the temple in the morning and neglected to tell them that they would be ambushed on the way home – which meant that his guests were seriously unprepared for the watery onslaught!!!

This was followed by a wet party at lunchtime and then there was dinner at Panwa House with water drunk rather than thrown.

A wonderful day with wonderful people.


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