Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lost your Way?

A common mistake that a lot of our visitors tell us is made is that they are taken to the wrong Cape Panwa Hotel – well there is only one Cape Panwa Hotel – but the drivers still make mistakes.

There are 2 hotels close to us, one is called the Sri Panwa Hotel and the other is the Bel-Air Panwa and  there are more hotels being built.

How can you make sure that you get to the right place? Well you can always take a piece of paper with the words "Cape Panwa" written in Thai OR simply tell the driver that Cape Panwa is the Original – a word that Thai market sellers in Patong understand.

Cape Panwa was built in 1987 in a much sought after place in Phuket.  There is a beautiful beach that is closed off on one side by a jetty and on the other by rocks - private, peaceful and perfect.

Then there is a magnificent Sino-Portuguese building called Panwa House on the edge of the sand – perfect for evening dining and traditional Thai food – an original structure and in a perfect setting.

If you need to come here just ask for the Original Hotel at Cape Panwa – this is us.

(If your driver has a special phone or software in their car here are the GPS Coordinates: 7° 48.438' N – 98° 24.551' E.)


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