Saturday, December 24, 2011

Phuket’s Weekend Market

We have all read about the famous weekend market in Bangkok. Well, now the island of Phuket has its own weekend market, too.

Photographs of Bangkok's weekend market - Chatuchak
Phuket's weekend market lies close to the Western style shopping mall Central Festival in Phuket Town, near Prompan (a Thai supermarket for bulk buying) and opposite to the Wat Naka temple.

Originally the market catered predominantly to the local Thai residents. 

One of the strangest items that I found on sale there was ‘dog clothing’ among other interesting stuff.  However, it has now become quite a tourist attraction with more and more items for the tourist – Billabong shorts and football shirts.  But the great thing about it is that it still retains its charming Thai atmosphere – calm, eccentric, amusing and interesting.

Have a visit and try the food – though none of it is cooked for the delicate tourist palette.  Chavorit, our Assistant Front Office Manager, suggested I try the fish balls or “luk chin thod” and “sai-krok e-san” or Northeastern Thai sausage, but I haven’t as yet.

Now this is not a market to rival Bangkok’s in the least 
so if you are going to Bangkok please still go.

(PS mind your head though, the awnings are quite low)


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