Saturday, January 7, 2012

cape+kantary Magazine - issue 5

The truck from Bangkok arrived today with the latest issue of cape+kantary – the Kasemkij Hotels' stylish brand magazine which is available throughout our 15 hotels and at various coffee shop chains and malls near our properties, including the Phuket International Airport. 

Have a look for things to do if you visit Chiang Mai, and discover a host of unique and appealing festivals in Asia besides the Songkran celebration in Thailand. (Ed – I would like to visit the Heavenly Lanterns Festival in Taiwan).

This issue is filled with a whole lot of interesting and informative articles, like bargaining techniques for different Asian countries etc. So wherever you are – click here for the digital copy and browse through.

I, however, prefer to flick through "real paper" pages (even though it may be slightly noisier) – I suppose I am getting older… and I wouldn't want to drop the wife’s iPad in the bath…

If you visit one of our properties please feel free to take a copy of the magazine home.


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