Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where can I buy those Nike trainers?

all photographs used with permission - timinphuket
At the Front Office, a question that we are used to getting is:
“Where can I buy counterfeit or fake goods, like Nike Trainers?” 

Guests would often like to buy trademarked products that are not the real thing but are a copy of the real thing, i.e., pirate products.

To tell guests to go to places in Phuket, like Patong and a multitude of open markets throughout Phuket would be tantamount to embracing piracy, so there are a number of places where the real thing can be purchased (at obviously a greater price) such as Premium Outlet, Jungceylon, and Central.   

BUT if you want to buy those original Nike’s, the best price is at this special shop in Phuket Town:  Second Hand Shoes, which has a very large selection.


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