Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Makruk – fancy a game of Thai chess?

Along the streets of Phuket and its West coast beaches you can often see pairs of men (note to the Ed – do women play Makruk because I have never seen any?I'm sure they do but you probably don't see them around as they are the more hard-working gender ;D) carefully studying a wooden board of Cocoa-Cola tops.  They may be playing draughts BUT not always.

The board game is usually "Makruk" or Asian Chess, formerly known as Siamese Chess. The pieces used to play Makruk are very similar to that of regular Western chess, so are the moves and the opening set-up.

There is also a king in Makruk that looks similar to the other pieces (so be careful), because if captured it loses the game!! There are also other rules to learn in order to play. We have a Makruk set in our Games Room – ask our staff if they know how to play.

If you are not at Cape Panwa Tim did tell me that you could always download the app.


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