Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weird Symbols on Taxi Roofs

Last week a friend from Norway was visiting Phuket and I chose to take him on a bespoke tour of Phuket that included a selection of the hard to find Wats that do not always make the tourist maps.

As we drove in a taxi to Wat Koh Sirey my friend asked me what the symbols were on the taxi’s roof, just above the driver’s head.

The driver turned to us and explained that a monk from the temple blessed his car to keep him protected and to bring him good luck. He went on to explain this was common practice in Thailand and showed us the flakes of gold leaf still visible. I speculate that this is probably why some of the drivers drive so fast – they feel protected by unseen forces. 

He then took us to the very top of the hill and guided us around the little known but impressive golden reclining Buddha on the very top. It was beautiful and we left feeling very lucky and blessed for our good fortune.


View Buddhist Temples in Phuket in a larger map

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