Monday, April 6, 2009

Wildlife at the Cape Panwa Hotel

I was slowly (and I mean slowly) cycling up the hill to work one morning when I heard the cracking of twigs from the undergrowth.

I looked frantically about me and immediately thought that it must be a wild animal, maybe the monkey the staff call "Home Alone".  I could now tell the guests that he was still with us and had not moved on.

I happily stopped the bicycle and waited with bated breath for him to emerge - now I wanted a camera phone -  but what emerged was not a monkey but 'Phil the butterfly man' -  a guest staying with us that has been chasing butterflies on the beach with his camera!!

Click here for more photographs of the wildlife.

If you have any photographs of wildlife at the Cape Panwa Hotel please send them to and we will add them to this collection.

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