Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wet, wild and wonderful

SPLASH – this was how it started for me on my bicycle!! 

Guests bravely joined us for a visit to the temple to give gifts and to receive a blessing from the monks. The driver (safe in the cool air-conditioning) then drove through Phuket Town to the local roundabout and a traffic jam – we were drenched!!!

Frozen water, water pumps, scented powder, music and all with a smile.

I tried to hide on the roof of the truck (do not try this at home) and was captured at the bottom of the hill by Russell at his bar – Russell you owe me two drinks!!!

We returned to the Cape Panwa Hotel and did it all over again – silly games for all the guests, more chaos with water everywhere and Tug of Water in the Andaman Sea.

In the evening we had a special dinner at Panwa House with music and fire dancers that ended with 50 spirit balloons being released.

Happy Songkran

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  1. Indeed I enjoyed the Songkran Festival and water fight. You can see few of my images of the water fight and the staff of Cape Panwa Hotel here: