Friday, May 1, 2009

An escape from Paradise to Paradise

After the hectic time of Songkran and Weddings Tim chose to have a break  with his family. He visited Kantary Hills in Chiangmai and what an escape it was.

The air was sweet, the entrance magnificent, the fountain bubbling and all the smiles were Thai. They were swiftly taken to their spacious rooms and Tim nipped into the shop for homemade truffles and ice cream for his girls.

 Following this they went for a walk along the Nimman Road. A world of shopping and dining discounts awaited them simply because they were staying at Kantary Hills! Ice creams, coffees, books, clothes and gifts awaited them, they drifted in and out of the very stylish but small outlets.

The next day involved them rising early to greet the monks and then visiting the local bazaar where more t.shirts, toys and fruits were purchased. They returned home rested and very happy - and wondered when they could go again.

Next time he will buy some vanilla pods - he can't buy them in Phuket.

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