Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A new arrival at the Lighthouse Pub!

At the Cape Panwa Hotel the band was rocking out at the Lighthouse with Bryan Adams, well not with Bryan Adams but were playing ‘Summer of 69’ with full gusto – click here for a look.

Memories of my misspent youth surged back – I HAD to visit the Lighthouse!

When I entered the Lighthouse I heard a familiar noise (from my misspent youth) of billiard balls cracking into each other – the Pool Table had arrived!I strode in ready to challenge anyone who stood in my way but quickly shrank into the background as I watched a teenage kid destroy his big sister in a game – I wasn’t going to play tonight.

If you are here I will give you a game (if I think I might win)!

It costs only 40 Baht a game and don’t forget that it is Happy Hour from 9:30pm!

See you there!

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