Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Management Cocktail Party

A Management Cocktail Party means that you get to sip cocktails on the terrace of Uncle Nan’s Italian Restaurant whilst the sun goes down over Big Buddah in the distance – beautiful.

What’s more you get to eat all those delectable nibbles that our very creative Chef Phudon and his team manage to create for your pleasure. What’s more is that he keeps making new creations.

There is always someone there with a camera and each cocktail party since the 15th of December 2007 – please have a look!  If you can find yourself in the picture email Tim at the Cape Panwa Hotel and he can add your name and the next time you come he will buy you a drink!

See you there.



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  2. Thank you very much for your comments about our blog. We started very simply writing (12/22/08) and we now have a small team with ideas and writing. If you like our writings I suggest that you sign up for our newsletter (Otter's Tales) that the same team write - http://www.capepanwa.com/otters_tales.asp.

  3. Hi Tim,
    I've just been looking at your blog and seen the management cocktail party photos for the last 3 years and if the comment is correct, that's 2 drinks you owe us.
    Six weeks and counting, cant wait. How's the renovation work going?
    Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
    P.S.Haven't forgotten your Roses Lemon and Lime marmalade.
    Take care.......................Rob & Sue...X

  4. Hi Rob and Sue - thanks for your message - of course if you are in the photographs twice you can have drinks twice. Six weeks to go! Does that mean that that Christmas is coming already!?
    The renovations are cosmetic now and the rooms are lovely - there is also a new wing built (T-Wing) with some Junior Suites in and there will be a roof top pool....... I'll give you a little tour when you are here.
    Looking forward to the marmalade (and the drinks).