Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Golden time for The Hulks

Neil and Wendy met Somjit (a member of staff) and his family at the football.
Wendy and Neil, who have visited us a number of times and are Gold Privilege Card Holders, went to see Phuket FC play Chainat FC at the Surakun Stadium, home to the ‘Green Hulks’, Phuket’s very own football team.

Wendy’s quite interesting take on of the event was: “Thai people are not the same when they play football – I have seen them do things on the pitch that I would not have believed they [were capable of].”

"Thai people are not the same when they play football - the level of physical aggression was high and I thought that Thai people were such gentle people, in my experience, I'm not so sure now"

The fact that chanting between the fans was fiercely competitive in itself but that opposing supporters walked calmly past each other when the game was over fascinated Neil.

Further entertainment was in the form of flag-swinging competitions at half time… There was a sending off and two players were ‘removed’ before they could ‘cause any [more] trouble’ – It all reminded me of UK Football!


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