Monday, March 12, 2012

Phuket Heroine’s Festival

This festival is an opportunity for the women of Phuket to reach for their swords…

Well, not really, but it is a celebration of the Battle of Thalang – a battle led by two Thai ladies, Mook and Chan, who successfully rerouted a Burmese incursion in 1785.

They fooled the Burmese into thinking there was a large contingent of soldiers in Phuket with plenty more arriving! Actually the army was not an army at all but the Thai female populace walking out undercover at night and returning during daylight.  The Burmese were quickly disheartened and removed themselves from Phuket.

A monument to the brave ladies was erected in 1966 and is approximately 10 metres tall – but be careful crossing the road if you want to get a close look, the statue is on a roundabout!!


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