Friday, October 26, 2012

Phuket Weekend Market

I always enjoy it when the company sends me to Bangkok on work that spans over the weekend.

This is because I get the opportunity to visit JJ Market, known the world over as Bangkok Weekend Market at Jatujak. If I get to stay at Cape House it is even better because than I all I need to do to reach the market is hop on the Skytrain or BTS at the top of the road (a leisurely five minute stroll from Cape House).

I dropped by Phuket’s own Weekend Market when I was staying at the Kantary Bay Hotel recently, after first visiting it a couple of years ago.

The market had doubled in size and so had the amount of shoppers – thought it was clearly a tourist attraction but this has not stopped the locals from flocking.

As it sells practically everything under the sun this blog is not is not long enough to list them all, but off the top of my head I recall: snakes, coloured contact lenses, "big eye" lenses, dog clothes, 

insects, perfumes and a great deal more...

But my personal favourite was the crocheted bikinis – or are they hats?

What do you think?


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