Friday, June 14, 2013

The Son of the Dragon of the Sea

Last week, whilst visiting Pattaya to conduct a hotel survey, I noticed something on the beach. There was a small Buddhist Shrine on the edge of the water with the opportunity to light a joss stick. Following my previous visit to Chiang Mai where I had watched the staff and guests make an early morning offering I wondered if there was something similar in the Cape Panwa area?

I was surprised when I arrived at Cape Panwa Hotel and found there was a Chinese Spirit figurine placed in one of the trees on the Cape Panwa Hotel beach.

There is a plethora of Chinese Spirits that are usually known as good, evil or simply unhappy spirits. Phuket has a great deal of history linking it to the Chinese which is clear if you choose to walk through Phuket Old Town or visit it during Chinese New year celebrations. 

The name of this particular spirit, placed in one of the trees on the beach, is Lee-Lo-Chia, who is the Son of the Dragon of the Sea. This spirit is placed near the edge of the water to protect those using the beach and sea. 

So, along with the beach staff and the life saving rings, there is a Chinese Spirit to protect you.


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