Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chinese New Year in Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town with its charming old-word ambience is always a pleasure to visit.  And during the loud and colourful Chinese New Year festivities it is even more alluring…and extremely crowded.

The main streets were all closed to traffic and were festooned with Chinese Lanterns. A stage had been erected in the Queen Sirikit Park, which also has a fountain in the shape of a golden dragon, and there were a number of shows held here – my favourite was the Dragon Dance.

The streets were full of Thai food stalls that you can normally see at the local markets. There were balloons for sale adjacent to the man who was selling Candy Floss. For the more adult of us there were a number of small bars set up, which specialised in colourful cocktails.


Then there were various bands scattered along the street – all performing different types of music (some better than others mind you). There were also ‘Human Statues’ painted in black charcoal and standing as still as possible.

I am unable to tell you how much more there was that evening because after a while  I stopped taking pictures and just enjoyed myself – see you all next year.    


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