Friday, October 14, 2011

Driving in Thailand - Part 1

This week I thought about a question which I am regularly asked, at least twice a week.

"What do you think of renting a car?"

Now I must share with you that driving in Thailand and / or Phuket is different from other places around the world.

1) Red traffic lights - they mean that it would be a good idea if you stopped here.

2) Flashing red traffic lights – they mean proceed with caution.

3) Driving on the left – well not strictly true, if you have a turning coming up (scratch that) if you want to drive on the right because you want to you can.

4) Driving on the right – there are some roads in Patong where you (are supposed to) drive on the other side…

5) Whose fault is it? – a tourist is a guest in the country and the accident would not have occurred if they had not been visiting – logical.

6) Flashing head lights – GET OUT OF MY WAY.

7) A hand signal to overtake – this means that you can pass me but I take no responsibility for the oncoming traffic – but it’s fine with me…

I could continue but I since I have chosen not to drive here, I wouldn't be speaking from a level of authority. However, I was very happy to find that Thailand was not listed on this website I came across on cross-cultural driving – but did a man in Japan really stop at the traffic lights in the earthquake? 


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