Thursday, April 5, 2012

Driving in Thailand - Part 3 - NOT hiring a car

all photographs used with permission - timinphuket
Shuttle buses
Many hotels run shuttle bus services to the most popular places, Cape Panwa offers a twice daily service to Phuket Old Town, Central Festival and Patong for a small fee.

Local buses
There are local 'songthaews' or open-air mini buses that run throughout the island. Fares range from 15 to 40 Baht per head, depending on the distance you travel (subject to change).  The centre for all these buses is Phuket Town – the front of each bus will display its destination.

Metered taxi
These are only available at Phuket Airport, come out of Arrivals 
and take an immediate right.

Motorbike taxi
An interesting experience BUT NOT for the faint hearted.

These are available all over the island – stick your hand out and flag them down.  Always negotiate a price before you get in and if it is possible take a map to show the driver where you want to go, many hotels have an address card written in Thai as well.

Local drivers
You can meet a lot of lovely local people who are drivers (just not 'registered' taxi drivers).  If you decide to hire their services please heed the above tip given for Tuk Tuks. 

Pink buses
These are relatively new.  They drive around Phuket (and specific outlying areas), 
for a 10 to 20 Baht fare.

No matter which mode of transport you opt for – be careful, it never hurts to be careful.


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