Friday, April 20, 2012

Songkran - splash, splash and thanks

Thank you to Mr Diday for his photographs.
The Songkran Festival is widely documented as the “World's Greatest Water Fight

A rather one-dimensional view, which overlooks the beauty and true meaning of this famous Thai festival. Songkran is the Thai New Year – which is traditionally celebrated over three days, from April 13 through 15 – April 13 is the end of the old year and April 15 the beginning of the new one. Like Easter, it marks the beginning of a new life cycle on earth – and signals the beginning of the rains in Thailand, that will become more frequent and thus start the growth of new crops in the fields.

The Thai people celebrate this occasion by visiting the temple in the early morning bearing alms for the monks. Wirat and Tim took a number of guests to Wat Thepnimit temple in the morning where the monks received these alms to use for their own benefit or distribute to the needy.

Thank you to Ann and June for their contributions
Songkran is also a celebration of “family”. April 14 is known as “Family Day”. Elders and parents are visited by their children and grandchildren.  The young pour scented water over their elder’s hands, who in return, wish them good health, happiness and prosperity.  This tradition of paying respect is called “Rod Nam Dam Hua”.  Note again the use of water.

After visiting Wat Thepnimit temple in the morning, they took the guests on a tour through Sapan Hin to allow them to experience celebrations first-hand and, of course, get soaking wet!!! 

At the bottom of the hill to Cape Panwa they were ambushed by Russell (the owner of Sunset Bar) who had been lying in wait there.

The tour was followed by a “Pong-Lang” parade and a number of embarrassing games – thoroughly enjoyed by all on the hotel beach that afternoon. The day closed with a delicious Thai buffet in front of  Panwa House that had to be rapidly moved indoors because of rain (more water) – yet another blessing from above for our lucky guests!

Happy Songkran from all of us at Cape Panwa.


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