Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Thai smile – it tells you everything and it can work magic!

The Thai smile says it all – that charming welcome that visitors receive when they arrive in Thailand is why they all keep coming back.

The warmth and genuineness of the Thai smile is difficult to express in words and transcends even the ability of a camera lens - in fact, the editor had a hard time deciding which photograph to choose for this blog.

The Thai smile is so famous that now many European companies in the hospitality business are organising trips to Thailand for their staff to learn how to smile.

The courses are approximately two weeks long and involve specially designed facial muscle exercise programs – specifically the cheeks and the upper lip.  Not included (but available at an extra cost) are fake eye lenses to make your eyes larger and herbal essences to relax you… 



  1. These people are all fabulous

  2. Fantastic. That's why we keep coming back. Lovely people, they could teach us all a thing or two in the art of happiness.

  3. HaHaHa, recognise most of the faces, they haven't changed in all the years...