Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Thai massage on the beach.

At Cape Panwa Hotel we have witnessed a growth in popularity of the "spa" – even building one at the Cape Panwa Hotel and in every subsequent Cape property.

What has never been given its true merit though is the Traditional Thai Massage on the beach.  We built two small thatched platforms in the gardens so this art-like therapy could be given the respect that it deserves.

The Cape Spa is undoubtedly a beautiful concept but to have a Thai massage surrounded by the true elements of nature – the gentle waves caressing the quiet beach and the coconut trees stroking each other…

Think that I would like a massage now…



  1. Its really important to create peaceful environment before massage and its better if the place is on the beach.
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  2. Thank you - there is also a Spa if that is what you would like but I prefer the beach :-