Saturday, August 25, 2012

Knitting in Thailand – trendy?

As a long-time Thai resident and regular contributor to this blog who gets the (work-related) opportunity to visit all of the Kasemij properties throughout Thailand, last week whilst I was staying at Cape Panwa I met a couple of guests who were trying to find the answer to what they felt was a conundrum – they wanted to know what the female street vendors they sometimes saw armed with spools of knitting wool and slabs of wood were doing?

What the ladies were doing is called "board knitting" - a form of "loom knitting" that has long been practiced in Thailand, but has only recently become a fashionable pastime with the more sophisticated women, both here and around the world. The guests wanted more information about this skill - at the hotel we have created a rather competent concierge to cope with the more common requests from guests but this one somehow missed their radar.

So I  tried to assist and suggested the guests ask Tim where they could purchase the equipment in order to try loom knitting as he has lived in Phuket for over ten years - luckily he was able to save the day (Ed - well Chuen his wife was).  Tim was able to find some knitting boards and spools of wool, while the guests managed to find a book of board knitting patterns.  So together they organised a special day when the guests and staff at the Front Office all had a go.

Would you like to have a go? We suggest you try making yourself a scarf and then go to visit Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, where you can stay at the Kantary Hills – it’s colder up there.


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