Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thai whisky – very special…

One thing you hear and read about a lot when you live in Thailand is Thai whisky.

One of the all-time-favourite brands amongst drinkers of the local spirit is Sangsom Whisky. (Ed – not that I can taste the difference).  

When visiting a bar or nightclub in Thailand, it is common practice to bring along your own bottle of whisky and the venue will supply you with the mixer, i.e. the ice-cubes and the soda, water and coke to mix -  and this is what you pay for with a very minimal or sometimes no additional corkage fee. 

The bottle of alcohol can be left behind at the bar or club for your next visit – which does bring the drinker back!

Anyways, all this is simple BUT I must add that you can sometimes also find these bottles for sale by the roadside for a fraction of the price. They once carried alcohol but they now contain petrol and a bottle costs about 35 Baht!

So coming home late at night be careful! 

And don't get tempted by a cheap bottle on the side of the road…


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