Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thai Shadow Puppets – Nang Talung

You can enjoy different forms of entertainment here in Phuket (Ed - this does not include Patong shows) – many of them can be seen at the locals village festivals and temple fairs, which usually feature an array of shows from Thai country music and comedy troupes to “Nang Talung” or traditional Thai shadow puppet plays.

The puppets are cut out of dried leather (usually buffalo hide), that is sometimes coloured - but as the puppet is used to cast a shadow this does not matter. The puppet has two or three sticks attached to it and these are manipulated to emulate expressions and movement on the screen.

These entertaining plays are mostly based on a Ramayana story or a religious theme and enacted out by two or three puppets. The puppets usually include  - a clown, a funny old man, an old woman or the local idiot.

It cannot always be easy to locate one of these puppets outside Thailand but there is always an App!


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