Friday, December 7, 2012

Communication and Telephones in Phuket

More and more on my travels throughout Asia, I have been seeing wording such as:
“TURN OFF DATA ROAMING to avoid unnecessary charges.”

I was reminded of this, when I was at Cape Panwa Hotel yesterday, and saw a guest who sat with Tim in the Front Lobby for 45 minutes. They were communicating with an Australian Service Provider trying to get the guest’s mobile or hand phone to work. 

I have written here, previously, about the merits of technology and Apps, such as Skype, to aid communication whilst on holiday, BUT remember that technology does not always work. 

So please remember there is a fixed line phone in each room from which you can dial anywhere in the world. 

Press 9 to get an outside line, then dial the number you want. Leave your mobile or hand phone in the safe, relax and enjoy your holiday. If you can’t leave your mobile or hand phone in the safe, please remember to turn off “Data Roaming.”  


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