Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Have you written your postcards?

We are immersed in information technology at work, and we willingly let it assail us at home and when we go on holiday – for example I am currently downloading Temple Run 2.

(Ed – you are supposed to be working!)

We (myself included) find it vital to be  “connected” at all times – nowadays even possible when we are flying! I wonder how many of you have written a postcard recently? I can still vividly remember the pleasure I used to get upon receiving postcards from friends whilst they were on holiday!

Why don’t you try writing a postcard to your friend? Actually, there is an App that can do this for you. 

(Ed – delete sentence)

A postcard to Europe costs 18 Baht and if you want to mail it in an envelope it will be 24 Baht.

So go on send your friends a handwritten postcard and surprise them!


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