Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The fish have gone but now there is nail painting.

When I was  last at Cape Panwa Hotel there was a local Halal Festival going on in the village of  Borae nearby which I decided to visit.

As expected, there was a delicious array of foods and the normally quiet village was alive with activity that day.

The next day I decided to visit the Fish Spas on the hill to Cape Panwa Hotel that I had noticed on a previous trip – despite my mother’s objections I have always wanted to try one.

Well, no such luck – one fish spa had closed down and the other one had been transformed into a nail painting shop. I do have the most exquisite nails now – to remind me of Phuket I had the beach and the sun painted on each nail.

Nothing can beat lazing on the private beach at Cape Panwa Hotel though – but my “seaside nails” are an adequate reminder as I tap away on this computer.


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