Monday, April 1, 2013

The Silver Fox meets Lydia and the Panwa Princess

The Panwa Princess always causes a stir at Cape Panwa Hotel – all eyes turn toward the jetty when the Panwa Princess draws up just to see who will be boarding the luxury yacht that day…
Claire and Gary - who got married at Cape Panwa Hotel
A newly married couple OR a family celebrating a birthday OR a guest redeeming their cruise privilege on their 10th stay with us OR a celebrity OR the hotel owner’s family? The list goes on.

Apart from the yacht, there was another “princess” on the hotel jetty today however - it was Lydia – a beautiful and popular Thai singer. Whilst she was shooting the cover for a local fashion magazine on our jetty  she met an English silver fox – Clive Fox, a regular guest of Cape Panwa Hotel. I think that he was even more surprised than I was that she wanted to have her photograph taken with him.

Wonder when another magazine will come to shoot at Cape Panwa Hotel and decide, on the spur of the moment, to include a foreigner in their fashion spread!


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