Saturday, April 27, 2013

Professional football visits Cape Panwa Hotel

Well that certainly grabbed your attention didn’t it!

Okay, even though the title of this blog may be far from true it is not entirely misleading if you possess a sense of humor and some vivid imagination – as I got to be  the manager of Manchester United and my friend the manger of Liverpool – for one day.

On my visit to Cape Panwa Hotel last week I was surprised by all the jubilant noises coming from the Games Room. When I peeped in I was somehow not shocked to find my boss playing with a Playstation!

Wearing his beautifully tailored suit he sat playing English soccer with a young boy in beach wear and a baseball cap and was losing 3-Nil.

(Ed – my phone kept ringing so it ended a draw)

If you really need a challenge speak to Chaovarit our Assistant Front Office Manager – he is a master of Playstation games!


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