Thursday, May 9, 2013

Foot etiquette when visiting a Thai home

Many of you probably recall how your mother would tell you to take your feet off the furniture because your shoes were dirty,  though she probably didn’t ask you to remove your shoes when entering the house.

If you visit a Thai home in Thailand or anywhere else in the world the latter is customary, hence the array of shoes at the door of any house.  Not to take off your shoes is a sign of disrespect to the owner of the house.

Also please avoid stepping on the threshold because some Thai people believe that the spirit of the home lives in and around their home and treading on the threshold will bring its residents bad luck.

Lastly, the “lowest” part of your body in terms of status is your feet – so to put them on furniture or use them to point is a very real insult.

Or just remember what your mother told you!!!


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