Saturday, November 17, 2012

Concierges, the internet and real people

The team at the Front Office of Cape Panwa Hotel, that I have written about numerous times, make a great "Walking Talking Concierge".

This means that sometimes they do not need to refer to the cavernous concierge files, which are in the drawers nor the internet, which is a massive concierge in itself but, mind you, not everything that is posted on it is accurate.

The other day a guest approached the Front Desk to ask where they would be able to get a tattoo. The staff were flummoxed until Pavinee, a Guest Relations Officer, stepped up and told the guest that there was a place in Phuket Town.

There are some things that books and Google can help with but real people usually win.

The guest didn’t want a real tattoo though – just a Henna one for the holiday.

(Ed – have you seen Tim’s tattoo?)


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