Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Surprises in Phuket Old Town

photo courtesy of timinphuket
I had been asked to explore the Public Bus route in Phuket, specifically the Pink Buses and I found that there was very little (except in Thai) public information regarding their route.

View all Pink Bus routes in Phuket in a larger map 

But that didn’t matter, I decided to explore and got on a Pink Bus and simply looked out of the side as it travelled. As I was gazing, I caught a glimpse of a red Public Telephone Box that are common still in the United Kingdom.

As the bus fare was only 15 Baht, I quickly dismounted and followed the small street to the Public Telephone Box I’d just seen, then I visited the large shop adjacent to it and also the coffee shop on the other side.
                                           Do you know where in Phuket Old Town I was? 


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