Monday, November 5, 2012

Fish Scales

When I visited Cape Panwa Hotel last week it was raining quite hard so I decided to pop into an English Lesson for the staff being given by the Guest Relations Manager Tim.


The room was full of laughter when I entered because they were in the midst of playing an English game of “Guess Who?”. The point of the game was to encourage the staff to share with the class (in English), something that was special or different. (Apparently Tim’s lessons always include a game which involves a lot of laughter.)

I was rather flummoxed when one of the staff displayed a Thai garland – but this one was not made of flowers - it was made of fish scales!  I understand that this fascinating ‘Fish Scales Item’ was part of the ‘One Tambon (Village) One Product’ Government Scheme – a project that supports the commercialisation of unique local products at the national level.

Pranee certainly shared something different with the class, now we'll have to wait and see if it becomes a commercial success at the national level...


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