Friday, November 23, 2012

What do Thai people eat for breakfast?

When staying at the Cape Panwa Hotel last weekend I casually asked the waitress (I think her name was Apiradee), what she had for breakfast and she replied "patongkoh" – bewildered, I asked her what it was.

She showed me photographs of some little golden-brown curly-wurly pieces of dough on her phone - her friend’s mother makes and sells patongkoh where she waits for the staff bus each morning.

She then went on to explain how they are made:

The dough is made early in the morning and then left to rise. Then some of the dough is taken and rolled into a long thin strip and cut into about one inch-long pieces.

The pieces are then arranged into pairs and dusted with flour, each pair is squeezed gently together in the middle and immediately dropped into hot oil.

The dough ‘balloons’ into a butterfly shape (which the Chinese call “virgin’s knees”), and the outside cooks to a slightly crispy golden-brown colour while the inside is still soft.

The patongkoh is usually eaten with sweetened condensed milk that is sometimes flavoured with pandanus – that’s the green one.

Delicious – and now my friend tells me that the Cape Panwa Hotel sometimes serves it for breakfast too – a good excuse for me to be back!


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