Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Phuket’s Local Gastronomy

After sampling the delights of Cape Panwa Hotel's restaurants it is always worth exploring some of Phuket’s Local dishes. (Ed – these are NOT for everybody).

The most famous is Mee Hokkien noodles, these are thick round yellow wheat noodles similar to the Japanese soba noodle. The dish, however is of Chinese origin and my restaurant of choice for Mee Hokkien is Mee Ton Poe Restaurant in Phuket Town.

Another common dish that can be found in the local markets is a grilled salt–crusted fish or Pla Pow Kluea. I like to visit Sapan Hin and have this whilst watching the sunset over the sea.

A favourite of the Cape Panwa Hotel staff is the Tom Yam Hua Pla  or spicy fish head soup. You must visit Mor Mudong Restaurant, a local restaurant next to a klong,  to taste this dish. In fact, I have never met a tourist there whenever I have visited.

A popular place for the locals in Phuket Town for their Som Tum or spicy Thai papaya salad is Nong Sow – a roadside café which is always busy for lunch; I have never seen a tourist there either..

Then a favourite of my friend’s is the Giant Sea Snails that are sometimes available at Laem Hin floating seafood restaurant on the West coast of Phuket Island.

If you decide to try any of these delicacies on your next visit, send Tim a photo ( and he will post it here for you.


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