Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thailand and Hollywood

photograph used with permission - JamieinPhuket
If you choose to visit Phuket you could investigate the ever more popular Phuket Old Town, which was posted here previously, or you could choose to go a little further away. 

The most common destinations are Phang Nga Bay to visit the former ‘set’ of “The Man with the Golden Gun,” which is that enormous rock with the gun on it which could obliterate the world. 

Then there is the beach of Maya Bay in Phi Phi that was made famous by Leonard DiCaprio when he filmed “The Beach.” He also stayed at Cape Panwa during the filming. 

A pirate movie, which nobody saw, “Cutthroat Island” was filmed in Krabi. The cast for the movie also stayed at Cape Panwa during its filming.

The jungle rafts in the “Deer Hunter” were not actually in Cambodia but were on the River Kwai in Thailand.

The Softel in Hua Hin doubled as the French Embassy in the “Killing Fields.”

Even with the growth in the use of computer technology in films Thailand was still used: look carefully at the Wookie Islands in “Star Wars: The Revenge of the Sith” as they are limestone mountains in Krabi which were later destroyed by the Tsunami in 2004.  

Other films include: “Good Morning Vietnam,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” “Casualties of War,” and a great many more.


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