Friday, January 25, 2013

Social Media or Conversation

Yesterday morning, whilst I was waiting for my guide to the Phuket Old Town, a guest asked me, “Do you think all this internet is stopping people from talking to each other?”  

I smiled politely and said that nothing would take away the pleasure of a simple conversation as my Android vibrated in my pocket, indicating that I had received a message on Facebook.

I retreated quietly to the Café Kantary, ordered a Café Latte and some White Chocolate flavoured gelato and pondered a bit. My phone vibrated a couple of times more but I did not answer – technology does not control me! 

As I watched the sun go down, the tables got busier and I watched their occupants behaviour – 71% of the guests were using an electronic communication device with social media and 45% of them, sitting as couples, were both using a device. I was surprised. 

Shouldn’t  there be places that ban these devices making it necessary
 for people to talk to one another?


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