Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcoming in the New Year at Cape Panwa Hotel

Happy New Year Frankie
At Cape Panwa Hotel the mood was happy, the breeze was calm and the food was great.

The party started with a fabulous buffet – my favourite dish was the Beef Wellington Fillet from Top of the Reef (the hotel’s fine dining restaurant).

Tim and his team then organised games for the guests to join in where everyone won a prize – mostly ice cream and t-shirts!

There were also a number of entertaining shows, which included an elephant playing a harmonica, a monkey playing basketball, a human puppet, a golden Thai Dance.

A traditional Thai Victory Drum roll heralded countdown time.

At midnight fireworks exploded all around us partyers, glasses were raised, kisses were shared and resolutions were made – thank you to the staff for making such an effort.

After that we danced the night away at Cape Panwa Hotel and the song we chose to welcome in 2013 was, of course, Gangnam Style – and everybody knew the steps to that.

Happy New Year All


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