Friday, March 20, 2009

Au Revoir Bobby - a tribute

Some of you may remember Bobby the Otter from your visits to the Cape Panwa Hotel as our much loved but unexpected guest. He stayed at the Cape Panwa Hotel for 15 years, occasionally going to Coral Island for a couple of days but always returning, either by boat or swimming.

Bobby would dive into the swimming pool and swim circles around surprised swimmers. Either Bobby or the guest would leap out of the water and shake themselves dry before wandering off.

We now have some photographs of Bobby (thanks Chris and Dad) and here is a list of the winners from our newsletter.

Chris Kenyon, Gladys Stephenson, Joan Tinkler and Ian McAleese.

If you have any more photographs of Bobby please send them to us at

If you would like to see some more photographs of Bobby please click here

Monday, March 16, 2009

Life's a beach!

My heart was racing and my palms were sweating - I found the photograph! was 'missing in action' on the computer under an alias of DSC13344.JPG.

I had wanted to post this before but I 'mislaid' the photograph .... my apologies for the late posting of this.

On a normal day at work I was asked to visit the beach to meet a group of Championship Roller skaters.  I smiled and wondered who roller-skated in this day and age of Virtual Skiing!!!  I said thank you to the guest for taking the trouble to inform me of this photo opportunity - now I owe you a beer.

Imagine my surprise when the Roller Skating Champions were champions!

Where do you look?  I was sweating (it was a hot day) - but the camera lense steamed up, where do you look and what else can I add? 

They were the Precision Rollerskating Team from Albenia (Italy).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Table decorations with a difference!

One of the most popular (believe it or not) activities that we have for the guests here at Cape Panwa is teaching the exquisite (and almost lost) art of napkin folding.

 A napkin is not simply something to put on the table – it can be an expression of your emotions, your personality or simply the food that you are eating. Once a hugely popular, the art of napkin folding is practiced much more rarely these days.

It's a shame because its actually a lot of fun! Natasha Eichaker and her family had a go at it whilst staying with us and enjoyed it immensely. Come and have a go!

Oh, and I believe that they can do the same with the towels in your room - watch this space!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday in February - Krittaya

This month is Krittaya’s (Om's) birthday.  In Thailand children are given a long name and a short name  -  Om means embrace in Thai.

Her talents soon began to shine – the meeting group bookings began to run “as smooth as silk” – can I say that here?

The Weddings became very personal and very unique – we now have a part of the beach that we recognise as Khun Om’s corner.

The decorations around the hotel, posters, ideas and concepts began to feel very special. 

Happy birthday Krittaya and thank you for all the things that you give to us at the Cape Panwa Hotel. 

Please send us your photograph of the staff at Cape Panwa Hotel to and we will post them.