Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Local canoe race

There was a special event last weekend  at the Klong Mudon Canal, which is located in a village close to Cape Panwa – canoe races!

The local schools were there in force – there were cheer leaders dressed in a variety of outfits, children playing instruments, food and seats for everyone.

The arrival of the food carts – deep-fried potato whirls, Thai drinks, Thai jellies, candy-floss and more - was especially welcomed by the children.  They happily munched and crunched on their snacks – in retrospect they needed the energy for all their vigorous cheering.

The canoes arrived and the children began to chant, to drum and to smile – it was a truly wonderful environment, even when it rained the Thai people did not mind.

The races were run and people were cheered – I don’t know who won but it didn’t seem to matter.

Wondering if Cape Panwa should organise a team next year?

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tattooists in Phuket

image from the Bangkok Post

A month ago it was reported that the Culture and Public Health Ministries decided to tackle the issue of ‘inappropriate religious tattoos’.

Whilst investigating the issue it was also discovered that there was no generic health permit for tattooists even though they were subject to health inspections, but this was not the biggest issue!

It merely led to a more interesting one - the location of tattoos. This became the most hotly discussed issue on a number of web forums because the topic caught the imagination of the general public. 

There still seems to be no official resolution on any of the above issues or have they just been swept under the carpet with any number of others…


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pop stars choose the quiet of Kantary Bay

This weekend was a different type of ‘hectic’ for the staff at Kantary Bay – not only was there a cocktail party on the veranda of Uncle Nan’s with a larger number of guests in attendance but there was also an invasion of pop stars.

Zeal, Boy Peacemaker and Diana were a handful of the Thai pop stars that chose to stay at Kantary Bay whilst they were performing a free concert at Central Festival in Phuket Town that was sponsored by Nok Air.

Without speaking to the group I would imagine that Kantary Bay was chosen because it is not far from Phuket Town and for its ideal location at the end of the Cape Panwa, which would afford them a peace and quiet probably quite uncommon in their world. 

Another plus, and something not even pop star money can buy, is the hypnotically stunning view of the glittering Andaman Ocean available even from the room balconies.

One of our guests from Cape Panwa Hotel left after our management cocktail party to party with the visiting pop stars, too.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

We can't tell you...

The competition on our Facebook site regarding Jean Claude Van Damme staying with us last week ended with a number of winners – congratulations! 

Thank you to Jean Claude for choosing to stay with us and I hope that we will see you again – he did like the Two–bedroomed Villa but they were full – next time?

During this period there were also some filmmakers from Europe filming a reality TV show in Phuket who chose to stay with us – but we can’t tell you who won that because the show has not been broadcast yet!

They quietly donated some of their equipment to Laem Panwa School – thank you.  We kept the helmet to be given to a member of staff who had recently had an accident on his motorbike – Get Well Soon!