Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Cape Panwa Hotel Christmas

Panwa House was resplendent in festive decorations and the staff were ready for Father Christmas.

Philipp, the General Manager got the party rolling and then Tim, the Guest Relations Manager, went fishing – catching two lovely ladies with his fishing rod.

(Ed – that’s why my father didn’t take me fishing).

As we ate against the beautiful backdrop of Panwa House the house band played and then the local school sang Christmas carols for us.

Then Father Christmas arrived on a golf cart – the children collected their presents and then there were shows, we all played games (children decorated their parents like Christmas tree) prizes were won and more games played.

Merry Christmas!!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let’s play “I SPY”

I must admit that I cannot remember where I was and how old I was when I last played this game.

(Ed – we were in a bar in Patong and you were spotting ladyboys)

Well my dear readers, it’s your turn now!  And there’s prizes to win – including 2 FREE NIGHTS at CAPE PANWA HOTEL!!! (which can go towards making your next holiday with us longer or cheaper).  

The game is really quite simple – all you have to do is take a photograph of yourself with a cape+kantary magazine wherever you “SPY” one and then post it on Cape Panwa Hotel’s company facebook page (Kasemkij Hotels).

I wonder where in the world the cape+kantary Magazine reaches? I heard you can find copies at a number of airport lounges, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Heathrow…


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Spirit House Graveyards

I thought that I had been asked to write a script for a very bad horror movie when this title landed on my desk this morning.

In a previous blog I explained the meaning of the ‘Spirit House’ and why Thais erect them on their properties – basically, for protection from the guardian spirits of that particular piece of land. 

Sometimes, you might acquire a property with a Spirit House already built on the premises but wish instead to receive protection from another Spirit or wish to install a new Spirit House of your own. If you want to erect your own Spirit House you need to hire a Brahmin priest to perform a special  ceremony to forewarn the previous Spirit that he is to move on. Only after the ceremony can the Spirit House be moved – to a specific “resting area” for unwanted, old or broken spirit houses, which can usually be found in every neighbourhood.

If, however,  you see a collection of Spirit Houses (new and broken) by the roadside it is most probably the site of a fatal accident and the Spirit Houses were placed there specifically to placate the tormented souls of the prematurely deceased. Some believe that if this is not done then an accident could occur again because the spirits of the fatalities are looking for other spirits to take their place so that they can go to their next life or be born again.


Thursday, December 20, 2012


I finally got the chance to properly go through the newest edition of cape+kantary while I was travelling to the Kantary Hotel in Ayutthaya by the inter province bus, which I boarded at Phuket.  

And lo and behold it featured a guide to Thailand's former capital – Ayutthaya. I definitely plan to visit the ruins of Wat Mahathat and to eat Ayutthaya’s famous river prawns at “Phae Krung Kao”.

I also learned about lots of interesting artsy places in Chiang Mai that I had not yet visited. I would like to visit the artworks by Myanmar artists at the Suvannabhumi Art Gallery. I would also like to see Wat Upakhut and its original Lanna style architecture as well as the murals of Vessantara Jataka inside it painted by Boonpang Phongpradit (the master Northern artist).

I enjoyed immensely the article about sand sculpting and the remarkable dinner table that was built on Cape Nidhra Hotel’s beachfront – I wouldn’t mind having a lesson with this sculptor, I could really surprise the grand children then!

What I took the most pleasure in reading about was the Chinese Opera (or Ngew) – symbolised by the ‘painted face’.

I do hope that the office are able to send me to investigate the Chinese Opera soon – before we are no longer able to see it in Thailand.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is coming to Cape Panwa Hotel

After spending a glorious week  at the Kantary Hills Hotel in Chiang Mai – made up of early morning alms giving sessions (to the monks who passed by the hotel) and trips to the vividly coloured flower markets – it was time to return to Phuket.

Nothing prepared me for the beauty of the sight that greeted me as I walked into the lobby of the Cape Panwa Hotel – it was the Christmas tree!

The tree, which nearly reached the ceiling, was strewn with simple white lights and topped with a beautiful glittering star.

Just seeing it made me feel like a child again and the hotel staff promised me that if I was a good guest and stayed till Christmas, Father Christmas would come.

(Note to Ed: Can I stay longer please? Christmas is coming to Cape Panwa Hotel.) 


Friday, December 7, 2012

Communication and Telephones in Phuket

More and more on my travels throughout Asia, I have been seeing wording such as:
“TURN OFF DATA ROAMING to avoid unnecessary charges.”

I was reminded of this, when I was at Cape Panwa Hotel yesterday, and saw a guest who sat with Tim in the Front Lobby for 45 minutes. They were communicating with an Australian Service Provider trying to get the guest’s mobile or hand phone to work. 

I have written here, previously, about the merits of technology and Apps, such as Skype, to aid communication whilst on holiday, BUT remember that technology does not always work. 

So please remember there is a fixed line phone in each room from which you can dial anywhere in the world. 

Press 9 to get an outside line, then dial the number you want. Leave your mobile or hand phone in the safe, relax and enjoy your holiday. If you can’t leave your mobile or hand phone in the safe, please remember to turn off “Data Roaming.”