Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pack Light, Pack Smart

Repacking at the check-in counter is a pain. When you find out that your bags are over the weight limit, having to quickly rearrange what you spent hours neatly packing can be a nightmare. What if your stash of salted-eggs roll out of your Louis Vuitton carry-on or even worse your travel-size fish sauce bottle spills across the contents of your favourite suitcase?!
Here are some tips
1)    Ditch the heavy suitcase
2)    Know the weather where you are going
3)    Find out what you can and can’t bring to your destination
4)    Follow the liquid limits and pack carefully
5)    Sometimes less is more
6)    Bring something to bring things home in
7)    Check your weight limits with the airlines which you are travelling with
The full article can be found in - and was written by Kreangsak Suwanpabtakul and the illustrations by Chirachai Phitayachamrat