Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year

Another New Year was celebrated last week - Chinese New Year, which is not linked to the international calendar but to the lunar cycle – hence the change in celebration date each year.

Tim was born in the Year of the Goat 
– what is your year? (click here

In preparation for their New Year but never on the New Year itself (it's considered bad luck), Chinese traditionally clean their homes thoroughly to sweep away any ill fortune that visited their family over the previous year and welcome good luck instead.

The Chinese also decorate the walls and doorways with special red paper motifs inscribed with auspicious words to bring good fortune and wealth to the families. In Phuket Town, doors are opened to welcome in the Chinese dancing dragons that dance through the streets where the Chinese community is large.

This is the Year of the Dragon.

The Chinese New Year tradition is to reconcile with each other, 
forgive all grudges and wish peace and happiness to everyone. 

I feel that this is a good sentiment for us all.

Happy New Year to all in the Year of the Dragon!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coffee and more coffee

I know that Tim’s heart skipped a beat last week and it wasn’t the guest whose underwear was stuck in the Jacuzzi…

Boncafe came to visit Cape Panwa Hotel to train our staff in the delicacies of making different coffees.

Of course, the staff needed to make each one and Tim was present for a tasting session (even though he knows he drinks too much coffee), only too happy to offer his services.

The staff learnt a lot about making the froth, heating the cups and caressing the coffee to create a plethora of different coffees that can now be enjoyed at our various restaurants.

I wonder whether Tim managed to sleep after that?


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Do you need your computer?

Working in a hotel you get used to seeing people cradling their Duty Free bottle of 50 year old wooden cask matured whisky – not that I can taste the difference and I am a Thai Whisky Man mind you, (Tim can’t handle the Thai stuff).

But these days we see more and more guests arriving 
cradling their net-book or portable computer.

Kasemkij properties have embraced this trend and provide free wireless Internet in most public areas and if you really must stay connected 24-7,  Internet can also be paid for in your room.

BUT if you only need to email home to tell your mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle or lover you have arrived safely guests of Cape Panwa Hotel can use the computer in the lobby 15 minutes a day (per room) free – so no more excuses!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

cape+kantary Magazine - issue 5

The truck from Bangkok arrived today with the latest issue of cape+kantary – the Kasemkij Hotels' stylish brand magazine which is available throughout our 15 hotels and at various coffee shop chains and malls near our properties, including the Phuket International Airport. 

Have a look for things to do if you visit Chiang Mai, and discover a host of unique and appealing festivals in Asia besides the Songkran celebration in Thailand. (Ed – I would like to visit the Heavenly Lanterns Festival in Taiwan).

This issue is filled with a whole lot of interesting and informative articles, like bargaining techniques for different Asian countries etc. So wherever you are – click here for the digital copy and browse through.

I, however, prefer to flick through "real paper" pages (even though it may be slightly noisier) – I suppose I am getting older… and I wouldn't want to drop the wife’s iPad in the bath…

If you visit one of our properties please feel free to take a copy of the magazine home.