Friday, March 18, 2011

Laem Panwa Festival

Laem Panwa Festival took place last weekend.

The festival began with a competition between the ex-pupils of Laem Panwa School. They took a ‘long-tail’ boat out on the water to see who could catch the biggest fish. The rule for this competition was that they could only use a rod.

Urai’s husband Surasak came second – he caught a barracuda! (Urai works at Kantary Bay Hotel)

This was followed on the next day with a fishing boat race.  The race started at the Phuket Aquarium and the fishermen had to circumnavigate Lon Island and return.  Froid was the winner!

The whole festival was followed by a traditional barbecue and party in the Phuket Aquarium car park – including karaoke, games, drinks and food and lots of fun.


Friday, March 11, 2011

A library and more

At Cape Panwa Hotel and Kantary Bay you'll find libraries for you to borrow books left by other guests and for you in turn to leave books for other guests to read.

There are three libraries at Cape Panwa Hotel - in the Round House, the Games Room and the Cape Lounge. I know that Tim is quite happy looking after them for us as he tidies the books daily at these locations!

Tim even takes his work home with him - reading the books to ensure that there are no pages missing.

Tim will also monitor the length of time that a particular book is in the library (I think that he is a frustrated librarian) and he will send books that have not been read to Bangkok.

In Bangkok these books are taken to prisons for foreigners who are serving time in them to read.


Friday, March 4, 2011

A Piano on the Beach

Cape Panwa will always be the ‘Grand Old Dame of Phuket’ to quote a local writer but now (as we have written in this blog) the Old Dame has a QR code and wireless internet throughout the hotel.

Another introduction was the Flat-Screen wall-mounted television  screens in all rooms. With these televisions came an in-house television channel that means that you can relax and view information about all of 15 properties across Thailand.

The most common question that we get at the Front Office is whether the guests can purchase the music which plays in the background on the in-house television channel.

The music (to quote the CD cover) is “melodious piano sound sifts through the wave’s whisper and a serenading orchestra of nature".

The CD is called "Piano on the Beach" and Chamras Saewataporn performs it and it’s published by Green Music (email and website).

Close your eyes, play the CD and remember your holiday at Cape Panwa.