Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wet, wild and wonderful

SPLASH – this was how it started for me on my bicycle!! 

Guests bravely joined us for a visit to the temple to give gifts and to receive a blessing from the monks. The driver (safe in the cool air-conditioning) then drove through Phuket Town to the local roundabout and a traffic jam – we were drenched!!!

Frozen water, water pumps, scented powder, music and all with a smile.

I tried to hide on the roof of the truck (do not try this at home) and was captured at the bottom of the hill by Russell at his bar – Russell you owe me two drinks!!!

We returned to the Cape Panwa Hotel and did it all over again – silly games for all the guests, more chaos with water everywhere and Tug of Water in the Andaman Sea.

In the evening we had a special dinner at Panwa House with music and fire dancers that ended with 50 spirit balloons being released.

Happy Songkran

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A week of Weddings

We had a very emotional week at the Cape Panwa Hotel - we had 3 weddings and then we partied with Songkran.

The first wedding was an emotional day with everybody with their hearts on their sleeves......

We had the ceremony inside and the dinner was in Panwa House on the beach. The fireworks exploded and the spirit balloons flew and it was followed by a tropical thunderstorm which did not dampen people's enthusiasm.

Congratulations to Bernie and Lisa.

The second wedding was different with everybody worrying about the weather - we must have changed plans up until 2 hours before we started! In the end it was a glorious and sunny day and the elephant was very well behaved.

Congratulations to Darrell and Danielle.

The third wedding was again different.  The bride's excitement was infectious and we were all caught up in the grandness of it all.  There were cocktails mixed to perfection and an elephant stole the children away for a while.

Nibbles and more cocktails were served followed by a sumptuous Thai dinner at Panwa House and a disco into the early hours.

Congratulations to Rocky and Michelle.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Famous people

Tui Teerapat Satjakul and model Anna Natasha Plinwithee joined us at the Cape Panwa Hotel for the Songkran weekend.

Tui Teerapat is a popular Thai actor and heartthrob for some of the staff here whose hearts missed a beat when they knew that he was coming. Our own heartthrob to many ‘Pavinee’ came to work on her day off so that she could welcome him!

Alas Tui is married to the Thai beauty Anna.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Wildlife at the Cape Panwa Hotel

I was slowly (and I mean slowly) cycling up the hill to work one morning when I heard the cracking of twigs from the undergrowth.

I looked frantically about me and immediately thought that it must be a wild animal, maybe the monkey the staff call "Home Alone".  I could now tell the guests that he was still with us and had not moved on.

I happily stopped the bicycle and waited with bated breath for him to emerge - now I wanted a camera phone -  but what emerged was not a monkey but 'Phil the butterfly man' -  a guest staying with us that has been chasing butterflies on the beach with his camera!!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome back Pavinee

Thank you to Dave for the photograph and we are sorry that we did not receive it in time for the Otter's News as we promised. This means that we have published it in our blog but thanks to Sam for writing it.

Recently, Pavinee returned to Cape Panwa. Pavinee had been working on a sister property – the Kantary Hills in Chiang Mai.

We all missed having her take care of the guests...

So what did she do on her return? She turned into a tigress in a cage! Then for New Year’ Eve she literally let her hair down!

But ‘Indiana’ Rochidee was clearly in charge with his whip… Kinky stuff!

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